#5 Twitter

 Some people might argue that me writing a blog in Tumblr which I’ll then post onto Facebook about why I’ve joined Twitter, means that I should probably get off my laptop and read a book or something… those people are probably right.

Anyway, I’m doing it nonetheless. Authenticheart has joined Twitter with the slightly altered domain of ‘1authenticheart’ (boo to the person who got there before me.) I was going to join Twitter under my actual name as opposed to this blog based alias but then I decided, that aside from my thoughts and feelings based around my relationship with God, what I’ve read in His word or what He’s spoken into my life, I’d just be saying things like “off to work” or “I’m having dinner”. My dinner is never usually that exciting. I am aware that some people might prefer that kind of tweet, and who knows, I might throw a couple in for good measure, but I’d prefer to use Twitter as a place to further explore my relationship with God, and you’re all welcome to 'follow’ me in that if you so desire, in fact, I’d like you to! Facebook might have more about the contents of my dinner if you’d prefer to stick to that stuff, though.

The truth is, I like writing, I like words, I like poetry. Twitter gives me a platform to do all of those things, and the word count limit means I can’t go off on a tangent like I often do here. I also like the Bible and believe that God’s love changes lives, so if I can use my words to provoke some 'God thoughts’ in a person, negative or positive, believer or not, then I think that’s a good thing.

John Piper said yesterday, “Tweeting is to preaching what the book of Proverbs is to the book of Romans. It’s the difference between epigram and argument. In fact, if you need a biblical warrant for the literary form suitable for Tweeting it is the book of Proverbs… The aim is to pack much into little. Big into small. Great into ordinary. Truth into language. God into space and time.” He said loads more about Twitter here: http://www.desiringgod.org/blog/posts/how-do-i-think-about-tweeting-a-response-to-john-mayer if you’d like to read the article.

So, yes, that’s why I’ve joined Twitter. If you’ve also hopped on that cyberspace bandwagon and think I might have something interesting to say, please follow me on @1authenticheart.

Now where’s that book?…