3 Tips to Rejecting Resistance

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Scroll through Facebook? Check.

Spend way too long on Instagram? Check.

Tidy up the entire house? Check.

Put another load of laundry in? Check.

Do EVERYTHING other than the work I’m supposed to be doing? Check.

I know this isn’t just me and so I’m writing this today in the hopes that you’ll be inspired and motivated into action. I mean that’s the only reason I ever share any message with you anyway.

But this is even more serious.

Because even when the stuff we’re doing is ‘good’ (who doesn’t want a clean house?) quite often, it’s distraction in disguise and I for one am ready to put a stop to it.

Kind of ready.

Because the truth of the matter is if I was at ‘NOTHING is going to stop me’ ready, I’d have done more than I have by now as opposed to ALL THE OTHER THINGS. And my guess I, you would have too.

But hey, this post isn’t being written to guilt-trip anyone. In fact, quite the opposite.

If you’re triggered by me writing this post at all, that’s really good news. It means you have something you’re supposed to be putting out into the world and even though resistance is SO real (can I get an amen?) That doesn’t mean it’s game over.

So, let’s take some practical steps shall we?

1.       Change your surroundings.

Right now I’m writing this from my fave hotel lobby for working in. It’s local to my house and no one else seems to come here, which is perfect for me when I need to get in the zone. At home I’m always going to be surrounded by the typical distractions and the 26 other things I’m supposed to be doing but you know what they say. Good is always the enemy of best. Which means sometimes you need to put the good on hold (the laundry and all the other things you could be doing right now) in order to make room for the best – the best being your purpose-driven push, your heart work AKA the reason you’re HERE. So pack up the laptop and go find somewhere to sit for at least a couple of hours and DO THE WORK. The laundry can wait. Seriously. You’ll thank me later.

2.       Don’t confuse ‘spiritual attack’ with lack of discipline.

Ouch. But what I mean is we can over-spiritualise stuff can’t we? I’m not saying that spiritual attack isn’t real. Of course it is. But we can say that we’re being attacked spiritually which is why we’re not able to get through with our purpose work. When in truth, sometimes we say that because it’s easier than saying we don’t feel like it, that we’re over-thinking it and we’re actually feeling pretty terrified about putting our heart and soul out into the world like this. That’s okay. It’s honestly okay to say those things. Because when you’re real with yourself you can get to the actual root and make a plan. So, with the resistance you’re facing today lovely – what’s the root of it? Is there something you can do differently today to change the outcome? (Like take me up on tip one, for example!)

3.       Break it down.

You’re a purpose-driven world changer. Of COURSE the work you’re putting out into the world is a big deal. HUGE in fact. Which can inevitably mean you find yourself stalling because the big picture still seems pretty far off, even though it’s closer than it’s ever been. So when you look at where you are compared to where you know you will be there’s something which just isn’t adding up, right? Which means you feel like giving up before you’ve even started? NO! Before that’s where your thoughts head, let’s think about it a little differently. What can you do NEXT which will get you one step closer? Start with that… That’s all you need in order to keep going – the very next step. Trust God with the bigger picture. He’s got you.

I pray these tips have served you as you seek to step into the work you’re truly meant to be doing.

Because remember…

The world is waiting for your work.

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