One For The Road

We can all find ourselves asking the 'big' questions, can't we?

"If God is so good, why is this so painful?"

"Can't I be a Christian without going to church?"

"What about all the other religions of the world?"

When it comes to our faith, asking questions is a good thing, we're told after all, in 1 Peter 3:15 to 'always give reason for the hope that we have'... Now, more than ever, our world needs to hear about that hope.

One online ministry who have endeavoured to answer some of these big questions is 'Bridge Ministries', specifically 'The Road', which is an absolutely amazing apologetics, video-based website dedicated to doing just that.

I was hugely privileged to play a tiny part in contributing to the website. I was asked to write the section on 'The Church'. The scripts were then transformed into three videos, produced by an amazing team tech team.

The main video (click the picture above) addresses some thoughts I have about church overall plus a bit of my testimony. Next, I share a shorter sub-video, which addresses the persecuted church (click below for that one.)

Finally, I tackle the big issue surrounding the fact that it's so important to come to church just as we are. After all, no one is perfect! (Click the picture below for the final short video.)

The Road was created with young people in mind. It provides them with a tool to equip themselves with, thus making that awkward faith conversation at school that bit easier. That said, anyone can access these videos. Check out the homepage, which addresses the main reason for our Hope, the Gospel. Aside from that, there are loads of topics to choose from. Share this wonderful resource with anyone you know who is asking questions about the Christian faith.

At The Road, ask the big questions and have them answered!


Naomi AidooComment