Mindset Matters

Let's just talk mindset for a minute... Without a DOUBT, it’s the key foundational principle coaches talk about needing to get right before taking leaps and bounds in life, work & business. I totally agree.

What's funny, though, is that when you read/listen to client and customer testimonials, so many women don't think they need to do any mindset work before walking in their worth or breaking through in their biz. They want to talk social media strategy and marketing first. Don't get me wrong, those things are key (and we'll be diving into that stuff soon) but getting our mindset right first is essential. 

I know this first hand. I knew I had some mindset barriers of my own. I had limiting beliefs about myself which I knew would not serve anyone I worked with.

I didn't want to let anything hold me back from walking in my worth and God-given potential. When searching through some of the mindset work on offer, I was looking for a course which focused on mindset being rooted in God’s truth for my life. Because even when my own thoughts/feelings don’t match up, I KNOW I’ve been created with powerful PURPOSE in mind and so have you! 

I found a lot of great freebies on this, which really helped me. But I wanted to go deeper and I knew others would feel the same. I couldn’t find a course like that. So I created one instead! Chosen. is your online mindset journey to walking in your worth.

I’m no longer available to play small when the God I serve is infinite. I’m sure you aren’t either.

Chosen. will not only give you the powerful tools you need to move those mindset mountains, it'll also give you community, support and a chance to get your questions answered in a safe space.

Let’s walk into 2017 living our lives on purpose...

Hope to see you on this inside.


If you've still got questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Shoot me a message at naomi@1authenticheart.com and I'll get back to you ASAP.