#1 Love

In light of the recent commercial holiday celebrated by couples worldwide, I got to thinking, what is love? Perhaps an ambitious topic for a premiere blog post, but I for one think about it a lot. Why is it so important to us? Is it actually what makes the world go round? As a committed Christian, I believe that God is love. He is. As well as much more important things, He comforts me and keeps me on the straight and narrow. That kind of protective “you’re gonna be alright”, kind of love. The most important, really seeing as I like to know I’m going to be okay. I think we all do, even those ‘independent women’ who wouldn’t want to admit it, whisper hopes of protection into their stench of self-sufficiency. But the ‘love’ we experience, the tangible, heart-wrenching representation of what once was is often anything but…alright. On the other hand, perhaps that’s all it is. “Alright”. But why do we allow ourselves only a satisfactory bite of what’s actually supposed to be savoured? I feel as though I shouldn’t be impressed with the petrol garage flowers and melted ‘Fererro Rocher’ pyramid I didn’t receive the day before yesterday. But yet, here I am, perhaps a bit miffed at the fact I wasn’t deemed worthy enough to receive that coveted ‘Me to You’ bear this year.

 I don’t write from the point of view of a bitter single. I just write from a point of pondering. Before I opened this blog earlier, I wondered whether writing one would be deemed a bit pretentious and self-centred. The truth is it might be. But I know and appreciate the importance of honesty.  I think you do too. That’s why I’ve dubbed myself ‘authenticheart’. Because, if you find yourself following these posts, that’s what you’ll get. Authenticity. Sometimes I’ll talk about God. I doubt I’ll apologise for that either. Sometimes I’ll just talk about whatever springs to mind. Often the two will intertwine. Like today.

Love, in its various forms, enters my thoughts a lot though. So if you’re not a ‘feelings’ type of person…

“This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” (1 John 4:10- The Bible)  

I’ll take that over the ‘Me to You’ teddy. Just as well really.