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I'm so excited to get started with this live online event and I'm so glad you're a part of it! The proverbs have SO much to tell us about building a business which is not only wildly successful, but also rooted and grounded in Kingdom principles.

When it comes to being rooted, I've got something else you're going to LOVE diving into while you wait for this event to begin...

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*Limited Time Availibility*

Biblical Business Academy's flagship program 'ROOTED' is all about unpacking my six-step framework which shapes a Biblical business. Previously ONLY held within my private members community Biblical Business Academy, for 60 minutes only, you have the opportunity to get all 6 training videos (between 30 & 50 minutes long) plus supporting worksheets for just $19(£15)! (Valued at $97/£75)

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The ROOTED vision

When I created this course for Biblical Business Academy, I had two clear objectives in mind for the women who would join.

1. Equip them to build businesses which were successful (profitable, energising and purposeful.)

2. Remind them of what it takes to maintain and scale a successful business marked by Biblical principles.

As you go through the live event, it'll become more and more clear to you, but the truth is this...

All the success in the world means nothing if your business isn't anchored in God's will for your life.

Rooted is about exploring the both/and, not either/or of Biblical Business.

I'm talking, both making a living and a life, charging what you want to charge because you realise what you're worth & BOLDLY allowing your business to proclaim who and Whose you are so that you're light continues to shine bright.


About The ROOTED Six Step Framework...

Each module of the course dives into these topics one by one and you're provided with worksheets and questions to accompany each video training.


1. RANKS relationship with God first.

2. OPEN to wise counsel.

3. Offers OPPORTUNITIES and value for others.


5. EXPECTANT not entitled. 

6. DILIGENTLY delivers.


Join me as i dive into each of these 6 topics in depth and unpack what it means to build a successful business which truly honours god. Click the button below to sign up for this exclusive offer while you still can.

Value $97.... for the next 60 minutes only, you pay $19!

Course access will be delivered directly to your inbox as soon as you join.

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