It feels like there’s a million miles between you + meeting your next biz milestone. But you're wrong. There isn’t a million miles between where you are now and your next business goal.


It’s just a gap.

A gap that we can fill.

... and we can fill it in 30 days.


You've got an amazing business...

But you publish a post… and no one cares.

You send out an email… and no one responds.

You share your sales page… and no one buys.

Fess up now: There’s a gap between what you’re doing and the results you want.

STOP doing #allthethings and focus on filling your business gap.

Start doing ONLY the things that will actually make a difference to your business growth.



Now is NOT the time to give up on those God-given dreams.

When working with my private clients, I see the same things consistently crop up and I can guess that you're in the same boat. You've got an incredible message which you just know needs to be heard. But no one's listening (at least not in the way you'd like) and you're still stuck with a business you're not scaling in the way you'd like yet or perhaps you're even working a job you're desperate to leave, just to make ends meet.

Some days it's all too much and you feel like you're ready to throw in the towel.

You ask yourself what on earth you were thinking in pursuing this idea at least 100 times a day.



I remember the first call I had with one of my clients. She was  frustrated at the lack of clients she'd seen walking through the doors and in fact, she was reluctant to even call her business, a business. 

After reading her welcome packet, I realised what the problem was. It wasn't that she didn't have what it took to book consistent clients and grow an incredible business.

The problem was that she was speaking to everyone. And you know what they say...

When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

When we dug deep with her MISSION, she was mobilised to share her MESSAGE and her business grew almost instantly.


It was just a gap.

I remember when I started full-time in my business myself. Having previously been a high-school teacher, I wondered how people would respond when I revealed the new direction I was taking.

Fear kept me bound for way too long.

My negative MINDSET left me motionless. 

The thing about mindset is that it can either make or break your business.

...and I realised that my mindset was breaking mine.

After doing the mindset work and working INTERNALLY as much as I did EXTERNALLY, there was still one thing missing.

I hadn't made a sale.

Once I recognised that i was no longer just a blogger - that this was now a business, and with that, came MARKETING, clients came almost instantly. 

I had to drop the fear I had around charging for my services and replace that with the truth that I had what others needed. And guess what? They were ready and waiting to work with me.

It was a ripple effect.

my clients were using their God-given gifts and soon enough, they started to see clients and customers themselves.


Your purpose-driven business is inspired.

It's God-given and it's worth chasing.


It's time to fill the gaps and get results.

Typically, your gaps are going to fall into one of these five categories.


Let's fill them together.



Mind the Gap: A 30 day V.I.P coaching experience to help you fill your business gaps and meet your business goals

The term 'Mind the Gap' is a familiar one for Londoners like me. Imagine, waiting for the tube when a woman announces every 30 seconds to ‘Mind the Gap’ between the platform and the train.

Welcome to London!

And Welcome To My 1:1 Coaching Experience!

Where we fill your business gaps to get results.


there's not a million miles between you & your hopes and dreams. 

It's just a gap.

... and we can fill it in 30 days.


Here's what you'll get...

- An initial deep dive questionnaire so that I can hear out the main gap(s) you're stuck in and get all I need to prepare to support you as we move forward.

- A 45 minute deep-dive strategy call where we'll unpack  what you've shared with me in your questionnaire and the steps we'll be taking to make these 30 days truly count, with a further 45 minute call at the end of the program. 

- 30 days of Voxer support (a free walkie-talkie app) where you can share voice notes, documents, prayer requests & photos every single day so that you’re no longer overwhelmed, and instead, you're clear on exactly what action you need be taking to move forward in your biz DAILY to finally get results.

- Your own personal client folder with access to any of the videos, workbooks, cheat sheets + training in my resource vault which I know will help you mind your gap and get results during our 30 days (I'll even create new videos for you if you need something I've not got in the vault yet!)

- Instant access to my 3 self-study mini courses: Pitch like a Pro, Write Right & Schedule for Success.

A complimentary copy of my 30-day, 100 page devotional e-book 'Feast' to enhance your personal devotional time during our month together.


...and here's what you'll actually get

- YOU writing a email to your list and seeing massive increase in click and open rates - people finally caring about what you're saying.

- YOU sharing a course offer for the very first time and having people sign up and buy from you.

- YOU signing high end private clients despite having a smaller email list or group.

- YOU posting on social media and actually seeing real engagement.

- YOU lifting your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours and finally walking in your worth.


All of the above are actual results myself or my clients have seen in 30 days (or less!)

 Let's hear from some of them...

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Loretta cc testimonial.jpg

Ready to make this happen for you?


(Just £25 a day!)

£749 ($994)

Interested? Apply for the program by clicking the button below and booking a complimentary call with me so we can see if this is the right fit for you moving forward.

In signing up for 'Mind the Gap', you not only mobilise yourself and your business, but you also mobilise a whole women's ministry and a charity. Thank you.

 (More information about Mobilisation Mission can be found in my 'mission' tab.)



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