Waiting for someone with your set of skills and expertise to lead them to the results they’ve been seeking.


Waiting for a person who just gets them and doesn’t speak generically to the masses.


Waiting for someone who can take their jumbled up ideas and iron them out so that their vision is finally realised.

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You already know that though, right? You already know of the countless people waiting for your work because every single time you hop on Facebook or Instagram, you see another post from another person who you’re just certain needs your help and yet you still find yourself paralyzed to do anything about it.

You’ve bought into the lie that all of this has to be an unbearable struggle and so you’re thinking about taking the easy way out.

I’m here to tell you the total opposite.

Your approach to anything worth having in life will always come at some level of cost, right? Whether in money, or time, or energy, or perhaps even all three.

But you’re buying into the story which says that in order for you to see business success, it’s got to feel excruciating first. You’ve got to wear those rags before you see those riches… or at least that’s what you’re telling yourself.

Here’s the headline…

Not everyone has to have a ‘rags to riches’ story. Sometimes it’s just about an (extra)ordinary person like you putting one foot in front of the other and learning how to walk out what you’ve been called to.

It’s about starting out on a bike with stabilisers until you realise you can ride without them.

It’s about imperfect action and learning on the job.

Stop waiting for the kids to arrive, the kids to leave home, the job to end, the perfect branding…

Stop waiting because the time is now.


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It’s time to TAKE OFF.


*Monday July 30th - Wednesday August 8th*

  • No more setting goals and starting ‘tomorrow’.

  • No more uncertainty about what to do next to move the needle forward in your business.

  • No more vision casting and market research which doesn’t lead to potential client connections and course conversions.


  • Specific action steps which will have you seeing shifts in your mindset, messaging and marketing immediately.
  • Going beyond knowing, and stepping into doing so that your efforts are finally recognised by your dream clients and customers.
  • Massive momentum in your business which will have you on a roll and seeing results way beyond the 10 days being over.


What’s Included?

Here are the training topics we’ll be going through each day (in no particular order):

1️⃣ Not choosing is a choice: Learning how wrong decisions don’t exist and why ‘playing it safe’ leads to self-sabotage.

2️⃣ When the student is ready, the teacher will appear: How to facilitate the path for our people – even before they become clients.

3️⃣ Both/And NOT Either/Or: Dropping the all or nothing mentality and making way for BALANCE.

4️⃣ Feel to heal: Addressing previous negative business experiences allows us to forgive, release, reframe and move on powerfully.

5️⃣ Scarcity Sucks: Looking at how celebrating others doesn’t eradicate the room there is for you – neither does giving away your best stuff for free.

6️⃣ Addressing the subconscious: How to make subtle shifts beneath the surface to consciously move into more business ease and flow.

7️⃣ Burn the box: Cookie cutters are for cookies – let’s learn how to completely do you, boo!

8️⃣ The marathon model: Not having it all now doesn’t mean never having it. Let’s learn what it takes to stay the course.

9️⃣ Show what you already know: It’s time to step into the leadership which is already yours – no more shrinking back or playing small.

🔟 The many faces of fear: Success? Failure? Other people? Yourself? Let’s address what you’re fearful of and end it!

Yes, each of these will be LIVE trainings along with action steps and journal prompts each day!

OH, and there are bonuses!...


It pays to join early! Don’t miss these bonuses.

Save £25/$32 as a member of one of my programs

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Yours for just £50/$65!

(Original price £75/$97)


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We’re at the halfway point in the year. If you’re not where you said you wanted to be by this point, something has to change. Unless you’re okay with staying in the lane for those who’ve decided to play it small.

Who are we kidding? Of course you’re not.

Time to Take Off!

Not sure who i am?

meet your coach Naomi Aidoo
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The Take Off is for:

  • Female Entrepreneurs who already know what they want to do in their business, they’re already aware of their ideal client – now they just want to see their message connect with them.
  • Hard-working, purpose-driven women who know that a little bit of motivation and accountability goes a long way.
  • Business women and Leaders ready to DO THE WORK. This isn’t another program to sign up to and half-heartedly attempt. Your action leads to your results.

The Take Off is not for:

  • Anyone who blames their lack of results in their business on everyone else.
  • People who want a ‘magic pill’ and don’t want to do the work.
  • Those secretly addicted to the ‘struggle’ and ‘developing’ stages of business as opposed to actually being developed and seeing results.

We start Monday 30th, but don’t wait! The private group is already open for us to mix, mingle and get ready and the earlier you hop in, the more bonuses you get! And did someone say PRE-WORK? Time to jump in!

Save £25/$32 as a member of one of programs

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Yours for just £50/$65!

(Original price £75/$97)


(Once you sign up, you'll be sent an email with a link to the Facebook group)

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Save £25/$32 as a member of one of programs

Yours for just £50/$65!

(Original price £75/$97)


(Once you sign up, you'll be sent an email with a link to the Facebook group)

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