3 weeks of ‘centre stage’ shifts in mindset, messaging and mission so that you truly show up as the carrier of your God-given calling powerfully, both inside and out.

“In the movies, we have a leading lady, and then the best friend, you my dear are a leading lady, but for some reason you’re behaving like the best friend...”

When I first heard this quote spoken in the cheesy Christmas film ‘The Holiday’ (please don’t say it’s only me who LOVES that movie?) I literally felt something stir on the inside of me. Like, I KNEW I was born for more, but for some reason, I wasn’t accessing it.


Now, don’t get me wrong. We’re all best friends in some way, shape, or form… to our actual best friends, to family members, whoever.


But the thing is, we’re not meant to be ‘buddying up’ with the call on our lives to build purpose-driven businesses.


We’re meant to be carrying it.


For far too long, you’ve been cosying up to your calling as though just the fact that a God-given mission and purpose is on your life is enough.


It’s time to take centre stage with it.

I was a high school drama teacher for seven years and so it’s only natural that some of the terminology which comes to mind for me when I’m thinking through my own personal business development is brought back to the theatre.

I want to walk you into the wings, prep you for your performance and then send you into the spotlight which you know is already yours.



Leading Lady is a program which will support you in…

  • Letting go of stinking thinking, which is causing you to doubt whether or not you’ve got what it takes. You do, and it’s time for faith to have the final say over fear.

  • Digging deep on your DESIRES, which you’ve previously buried for fear of judgement or criticism. Instead, no more self-sabotage and instead, stepping so that you’re showing up in your life and business from a place of ‘want’ and not ‘should’, or ‘need’.

  • Letting go of ‘co-star’ co-dependency, and unleashing your inner ‘performer’ so that your messaging is MAGNETISING, and your truth is finally being spoken in the way it sounds in your head (or how you sing about it in the shower.)

  • Plus shifts we’re not even aware of yet, which are going to take you from uncertain, to unstopabble!

  • Live videos, workbooks, questions, journal prompts, va, va, voom visibility and so much more.

looking up edit.jpg

So, how does this work?

Leading Lady takes you through three key stages in what it takes for you to step into the spotlight.

  1. Mission

  2. Mindset

  3. Messaging

These key areas of business building will be explored through video training, workbooks, and journal prompts which will take you from shrinking back to stepping up. Previously only available in Biblical Business Academy, I’ve now decided to make this available to ALL because this work is crucial.

When you sign up & invest via the button below, your private course page and login details will be delivered directly to your inbox.



The world is waiting for your work.