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Kelley Raetzsch, Registered (warrior!) Dietitian



Her Story

Hi I’m Kelley Raetzsch, Registered Dietitan and founder of Embrace Eating Recovery for Women.  I have been in private practice, providing nutrition counseling, for 9 years.  This year I really wanted to step up my game, reach more women and open up more time to be available to my family.  What that meant for me is establishing and growing and on-line presence.

Before working with Naomi, I felt like I was always spinning my wheels, spending lots of time working and not getting very far, discouraged and like I would never get out of my part-time job and solely focus on Embrace Eating Recovery.

Thinking about heading to the on-line space was overwhelming, I did not even know where to start. So, I joined several Facebook groups, purchased a couple of dietitian lead business mastermind courses and began spinning my wheels again…getting nowhere.  Through one of the groups, I heard of the Sheera Network, an on-line space for Christian business women.  I joined, began observing posts then went to engaging in posts, even doing my first Facebook live in that group!  I came to respect Naomi and the wisdom she had to offer.


Starting her business & results

Whilst working with Naomi, I went from literally no presence on-line to hosting a private Facebook group for women overcoming food, body and weight obsessions.  Together, Naomi and I created a strategy andmy group went from 0-50 in a matter of weeks. From that group one member converted to a paid coaching client for $600! The challenge I ran was presented and had great engagement and by then end of it, ladies were signing up for the next step!  Within two weeks of the challenge ending, I met my goal of 10 ladies in the 6-Week Course + Group Coaching that I was offering, totaling just of $1,000.  About two weeks after that, two more ladies joined my 3-month coaching program, bringing my total income to $4,300!  That may not seem like much to some, but for me, a mom of 3 who is also holding down a part-time job in addition to running my practice, it was POWERFUL!


final thoughts

Working with Naomi has given me mastermind skills to successfully launch a program or challenge on-line and encourage the next opt-in with successful conversion.  I feel so empowered to continue increasing my on-line presence with the solid foundation I received in working with Naomi.

I have no doubt, though I had to work hard, that she saved me an incredible amount of time, brain power and money as she guided it me towards my goals. 

Additionally, the focus we had at the beginning of each session was on God’s word and prayer. This cultivated greater intimacy with God as I walk towards the vision He has set before me and continues to give me peace when doubt and fear try to smother the progress.


Ready to mobilise your business dreams, lovely?

P.S. The answer is YES! You've got this.