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A life of service can, of course, be tough. This begs the question- ‘why live that sort of life at all?’ Firstly, it’s because Jesus told us to when he said “Go therefore and make disciples…”

But also, there is SO MUCH MORE in store for us if we live the life we were created to live! Who knows creation better than its Creator?

Don't allow the Good News of Jesus Christ to end with you. Don't allow fear to hold you back from living in the fullness Jesus died and rose again for you to have. Be encouraged today by the life of the Apostles.



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One word comes to mind when I think about this devotional. Obedience - and that’s what you have been, Naomi! I have been reading Feast every day now and it’s on point! Challenging, encouraging and God-glorifying.
— Charisse Oyediwura, Former CEO & Founder at Preacher Boy Entertainment

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