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You’re kind of excited about the goals you’re setting yourself.

You’re nearly in a place where you feel ready to share your real truth without fear of judgement or failure.

You’re almost always reminding yourself that fear is a liar and that you’re made for so much more in your life and business.

You’re pretty much ready to put your next project out in the world with complete confidence and conviction.

How about we make this list less ‘maybe’ and more ‘somebody stop me’?

Because the cold, hard facts are these (and yes, I can say this confidently without knowing who you are)…

  • You’re made in the image of a God who doesn’t make mistakes and called you ‘very good’ when you were created.

  • You already know how to be brave. You’ve done it before and you’ll do it again.

  • You’re much more capable than you know and the impostor syndrome you keep coming face to face with is simply a distraction.

  • You’re in business for a reason MUCH bigger than yourself which means that goals which seem ‘realistic’ don’t actually have any place on your vision board.

  • You already posses absolutely everything you need to go to your next level.

Which is why I am beyond excited to invite you to go bigger, and to get ready to be bountiful.

Bountiful like…

  • Setting ABUNDANT income and impact goals in your business which have you excited to show up and work for them.

  • Being COURAGEOUS in your message and your mission in spite of anyone else’s opinion of it being wrong/silly/inappropriate/<insert your haters comments here>.

  • Reminding yourself of what’s AVAILABLE to you because of the God of immeasurably more whom you serve.

  • Being truly EXCITED and EXPECTANT as you launch your work into the world knowing that the people who need to hear it are fully ready to receive it.

Can we just have a heart to heart real quick?

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When I decided to take what was previously just a hobby status blog I started back in 2011 SERIOUSLY, everything changed- because I changed.

Christmastime 2016 rolled around and I was finally ready to share my first course with the world. It was actually nothing to do with business. It was a course in mindset and identity helping faith-focused women to walk in their worth.

When my first ever coach asked me what my non-negotiable goal was for filling this course – I said ‘30’.

I didn’t think about the fact I only had 90 people on my list at the time (no, I didn’t miss a zero) and barely any social media following.

I just thought about a number which excited me when I thought about this work I’d just created.

I definitely didn’t foresee that a girl from South London would soon go on to impact women from all over the world – literally. I just recognised who I was and what it was that God had given me to do.

I had 34 women join that first ever course. That’s a conversion rate of over 37% of the audience I had at time by the way – in comparison to the industry standards ‘1-4%’ we’re always hearing about.

I thought big and then took massive action to get there.

Which is why excuses like a small list, no followers, and uninspiring goals don’t cut it with me.

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Despite the multiple successful launches I’ve had over the past 2 years as well as fully booking my 1:1 program multiple times, I’ve also had moments where:

  • No one’s bought my offer.

  • I’ve made decisions based on fear and scarcity as opposed to abundance and overflow.

  • I’ve second-guessed my ideas despite knowing I’ve been divinely guided with them.

  • I’ve let ‘industry standard’ terminology saturate my mind more than the conviction I have in my work.

Which has, OF COURSE, led to burn out/frustration/victim mode and resistance from taking the aligned action which would have actually moved me forward.

Can you relate? Well, here’s the thing…

My best results have undoubtedly and exclusively only happened when I’ve made them from a place of overflow and excitement, joy and certainty. Which only happens when the inner work you do matches the external efforts you’re making.

And that’s the work I help my clients do best too…

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No more overwhelm!

"Signing up to work with Naomi was one of the best investments I've made for my business (and I've made a LOT). Immediately it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders... I didn't have to struggle in my business alone anymore! Naomi took the overwhelm I was feeling, helped me identify the struggle areas I was unable to see myself, and helped me create a game plan accompanied by loads of support. In less than a month I was able to go from burnt out and stalled in my business to selling programs that really lit me up on automate... and I even made sales while on a beach vacation! I ended up extending my time with Naomi again and again because I have gained so much from out time together. She is great at what she does AND she supports and encourages your desire to work the way the Lord is leading - which was a HUGE plus for me. If you're on the fence about investing... just do it already!!!"

- Sandra: Website & Brand Designer


A waitlist without a website!

“I would have never believed I could work part time for my full time wage until I started working with Naomi. Shifting my mindset to believe was a huge hurdle that she made me jump over, and I'm still running at full pace! When I started, I didn't even have a business and now I have a waiting list without even having a website yet! Naomi has opened my eyes to so many possibilities, I have no doubt this work has delivered a permanent lifestyle shift.”

- Carla: Home-based Tutor

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Leading the business she’s truly called to lead!

"Having Naomi as my coach has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is an answer to prayer. I have been working with her for several months and have made incredible and powerful shifts in my life and my business. I have gone from frustrated, feeling invisible and getting ready to shut the doors on 5 years in business, to getting visible, running ads, and signing clients. Her gentle pushes to dive deeper in things that have been holding me back has allowed me to truly break free to lead the business that I am called to lead. I am grateful, and full of joy at a level I never thought was possible. Thank you Naomi!"

- Jen: Productivity Coach


But I get that so many people will read all of this and still feel as though a commitment to the inner work of your business and leadership doesn’t come close to all of the external strategies you’re meant to pile on top of each other.

External strategies only make up about 20% of your success.

The other 80% is why I’ve created Bountiful – 4 weeks to go bigger and beyond in your business.

Here’s how this is going down…

✔️4 weekly live stream training and Q & A sessions on each module (listed below) which will have your inner business building work going from mediocre to mighty.

✔️4 work books (released weekly) containing journal prompts and questions which you can share your responses to and receive feedback on in the private group.

✔️Facebook group to connect with fellow women dedicated to DECIDING to go bigger & beyond and get BOUNTIFUL.


So, the truth is, I was almost going to make this a free training series because of how much I need you to KNOW how important this work is for your (life and business. But the bigger truth is, that when you add another freebie to your pile, you’ll keep putting off getting around to it. And there’s no time for that.

But I DID want to make it a no-brainer so that any excuses you’re about to make about why you CAN’T do this fall by the wayside.

So here’s what we’re doing (and no, I’m not missing a digit or two - I just want you to drop any excuses about making this happen.)

ONE PAYMENT of £47/$60

(When you click the button, you will be directed to make your payment. Once payment has been made, you’ll be sent an email automatically with a link to join the private Facebook group which is where the program will run. Keep your eyes on your inbox.)

Here are your modules…

Module One: Permission (November 5th - November 11th)

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs and giving yourself permission to dream and do BIGGER.

  • Reminding yourself that the opinions of everybody and anybody else are not your concern and are simply holding you back from what’s possible.

  • Allowing yourself to fill your own cup with self-care before you pour into others.

Module Two: Re-learning to fully lead yourself (November 12th - November 18th)

  • Reminding yourself of what you’ve accomplished so far and why that means you’re more than ready to be who you keep saying you hope to be.

  • Accessing the memories of your most confident self and thinking about what she’d be saying if she knew you were thinking about playing it small.

  • Casting off the cookie cutter and leading in a way which works for YOU as opposed to everyone you’re following and comparing yourself to.

Module Three: Joy in the journey (November 19th -November 25th)

  • Catching fear-filled and negative thoughts before they have a chance to affect the actions you’re taking.

  • Learning from the lessons you’ve been through so far as opposed to allowing them to dictate your direction in what’s next.

  • Keeping up the momentum in the mundane and learning not to quit when things get tough.

Module Four: Who God says you are (November 26th - December 2nd

  • Recognising that your identity isn’t in anything but God, which means you get to create FROM a place of victory and not for it,

  • Understanding the authority you’ve been given and how that should change the game for your life and business.

  • Getting the grips with the urgency of the call on your life so that you truly live it out to the full in building and scaling your kingdom business.


Not one, but TWO additional trainings!

  • Join my intention setting pre-work training LIVE (and feel free to ask your questions) going live in the FB group Thursday 1st November 4pm UK time. This is about you being clear on this not just being another program, but a powerful transformational coaching experience through which you will see shifts… but only when you decide that’s what’s possible of course!

  • FB Ads which CONVERT - During the course of the program, I’ll be hosting an additional in depth training on how to set up, create and monitor FB ads which convert at less than £1 per email address. (Because I did say 20% percent strategy helps!...)

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Join now for just £47/$60

(When you click the button, you will be directed to make your payment. Once payment has been made, you’ll be sent an email automatically with a link to join the private Facebook group which is where the program will run. Keep your eyes on your inbox.)

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I need you to hear this…


The truth is, this program is clearly worth a lot more than I’m pricing it at. Some ‘industry experts’ would look at the price point and suggest that I’m not charging my worth. But the truth is I’m feeling SO great about this program, and more to the point - this isn’t just about my worth. It’s about yours.

If I ran this free, you’d be casual about whether or not you decided to join. If I added a few digits, you’d say you’d love to but money’s tight.

None of these excuses are available for you today and that’s my intention.

Because I know that, as you’ve read through the content and testimonials on the page, and the work I’ll be going through in Bountiful, your heart has been saying ‘yes’. I want you to trust that yes. Just like I did when I was guided to open this program despite the fact my ‘business plan’ suggested I wouldn’t be opening anything up until my high-level mastermind in December.

This is work I know my community need right now. And if you’re still reading, I believe that applies to you as well.

I want more than anything for you to understand that the call on your life is SO important, and you winging it, doubting it, or putting it off until next year (again) honestly isn’t good enough.

You are more powerful than you know.

You are more capable than you know.

You are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

You are not a victim.

You are not powerless.

You are bold and courageous.

You already know how to be brave.

The world is waiting for your work. 💜

Join today for £47/$60

(When you click the button, you will be directed to make your payment. Once payment has been made, you’ll be sent an email automatically with a link to join the private Facebook group which is where the program will run. Keep your eyes on your inbox.)