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Leading Lady

3 weeks of ‘centre stage’ shifts in mindset, messaging and mission so that you truly show up as the carrier of your God-given calling powerfully, both inside and out.

“In the movies, we have a leading lady, and then the best friend, you my dear are a leading lady, but for some reason you’re behaving like the best friend...” - The Holiday

Pre-Work Questions

(Go through these in your journal before diving into the rest of the work.)

1. If the opportunity for you to do what you’ve been saying you REALLY want to do in your business was presented to you in 10 minutes, would you be ready?

2.  If not, who or what is holding you back?

3. What is ‘centre-stage’ for you? (This might be something in front of a number of other people OR it might be behind your laptop writing the next New York Times bestseller. Whatever it is, it HAS to light you up like nothing else and also be a bit intimidating at the same time.)

Intro Workshop

Click HERE to download the fillable workbook which accompanies this workshop. Watch the workshop recording below.


Week One: Mission



1. What do you want your life to be marked by?

2. How does your business contribute to this being a reality currently?

3. Write out your reality in 6-months time as though you're writing a letter to me. What's happened? What do you spend your time doing? Who are you surrounded by etc?

4. What steps do you need to take now in order to see this become a reality?

5. __________________ exists to?

6. What makes you unique?


Week Two: Mindset

Click HERE for access to the worksheets which accompany the training video below.

Each of the 5 points are sectioned off into days 1-5, but feel free to dive into them all consecutively!


Week Three: Messaging

Click HERE for the bonus training on storytelling with my husband, James.

Click HERE for my 50 minute 'Write Right' training for further messaging tips.


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