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CEO School 1 Q’s

1. What’s your MAIN goal as you end the year? When thinking through this question, also consider the place your business is in. E.g. If sales (and specifically you filling a group with 30 people) is your goal and you only have a following of 35, you’ve got to think about how realistic that is. If it’s not, your goal could still be ‘sales’, but it might be ‘two 1:1 clients’ rather than a huge group at this stage. OR, if you’re really adamant on the group of 30, maybe it’s about postponing the opening so that you can go for growth first. Remember, this is about thinking smart.

2. With your goal in mind (sales, growth, nurture etc.) think back over your last 90 days. What content has been MOST effective in your specific goal focus? (E.g. growth has been most effective when actively promoting your freebie.)

3. Now, as you consider your NEXT 90 days, it’s time to create your long (90 days) and medium (60 days) term plans. In the next session, we’ll consider your short term plan (30 days) which is more of the day to day. In order for us to have day to day activities which are PRODUCTIVE as opposed to just overwhelming and/or busy, it’s important to attach them to a bigger goal which is where your medium and long term plans come in.

Write out 3 main goals you want to have achieved in the next 90 days (long term)

Write out 3 main goals you want to have achieved in the next 60 days (medium term)


CEO School 2 Q’s

Hope is not a strategy! Let’s PLAN… 

1. When you think about where you’d like to be in business in the next 4 weeks, what comes up as it relates to your main 90 day goal which we discussed last week? E.g. If your main goal was nurture, for example, and by the end of 90 days you’d want to have sent an email a week and reached out to X amount of previous clients personally, where do you want to be at the end of 4 weeks with this?

2. Now, let’s think about the actions you’re going to need to take to get there. If hour by hour scheduling makes you feel restricted, we can break this down in a different way. However you ‘chunk’ the time, remember that the MAIN objective must remain at the forefront. Try this method. What are the things you need to do:
a) Daily?
b) Weekly?
c) Within the 4 weeks?

3. When you think about the end result (whatever you plan to make happen by the end of the 4 weeks) what are the limiting beliefs you need to let go of? The negative thinking you need to reframe? The mindset and disposition you need to adopt? Essentially, who do you need to BE more than what do you need to do?


CEO School 3 Q’s

Let’s start gearing your business for growth in EVERY way. Think – hiring your dream team, smart automation and marketing mastery so that you’re not focusing on just next month, but next year and the expansion it will bring.

1. Thinking about the difference between the ‘technician’ and the ‘CEO’, what activities which you’re currently personally doing in your business do you see yourself being able to delegate in the future?
2. With the above in mind, do you have a timeline and/or a financial goal in mind at which point you’ll be wanting to be doing this?
3. How do you plan to operate in CEO mode whilst maintaining a personal touch?
4. Who is your next (or first) team member you’ll be hiring based on your business goals?
5. What parts of your business are currently automated and how much of that will you want to automate in the future?

CEO School 4 Q’s

YOU truly are the best person to lead your business vision and mission so let’s ensure impostor syndrome is gone for good along with any fears you had about not having what it takes.

1. List everything you’ve accomplished within your business which you’re proud of thus far – also, don’t only dig into this from your own point of view, what did your last testimonial say about what it was like to work with you?
2. What is your DAILY commitment to affirming who and Whose you are before you get into the ‘outer’ work?
3. What are any fears you have around you being the person you know you need to be in order to take your business to the next level? Can you pinpoint where these are rooted & in turn reframe them?
4. What is unique about YOU, even in the midst of many of others who do similar work?
5. List any ‘mistakes’ you feel you’ve made in business, forgive yourself for them and trust that there are no mistakes, only lessons which you get to grow from.
6. TRUST yourself with the decisions you’re making for your business next. Make them confidently knowing that the Holy Spirit within you is more powerful than you know. List out your business decisions you’re making next below & affirm those choices regularly.


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