The Simplifying Sales pack

Welcome to this month’s success pack. We’re diving into all things sales with this one. Click below to access all of your trainings, resources and more.


This month’s ‘Book of the Month’ is Business for the Glory of God by Wayne Grudem. I’ll be sharing a quote/thoughts and reflections on this book in the group later this month. To order your copy from Amazon, please click HERE. To download it on Audible, please click HERE. Let’s dive in together!



Business training

Tune into this month’s business training ‘Simplifying Sales’ by clicking on the video below. Don’t forget your journal and your Bible!



Phone Wallpaper

Click on the phone icon below and download your wallpaper which is rooted in this month’s theme. I’ve already got mine on my phone!



Bible study

This month’s study follows our theme. The audio version is also available for you to listen to and/or download podcast style.



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