About Naomi


Naomi Aidoo is a Coach, Teacher, Author and the founder of Living Word League. She is a qualified teacher who had a seven year background in high school teaching before embarking on building her own online business. She participated as a volunteer in the Eden Project (an urban mission initiative working alongside marginalised young people) in North London for four years and also has several years of experience in leading youth & women's ministry projects. Naomi is a trustee for the global charitable organisation Church Mission Society (CMS).

Naomi works with purpose-driven women through her coaching services and membership communities. Her business academy focuses on helping women build and scale heart-centered businesses. Her faith-focused community supports Christian women who want to go deeper in their understanding of God's word.

Naomi has regularly been featured on Premier Christian Radio, Premier Praise and Premier Gospel. She has also authored contributions for a number of blogs and podcasts both nationally and internationally.

Naomi lives in West London with her husband James who serves as Community Pastor of their church and runs a business in the Education sector.

Naomi Aidoo