Heyyyy, action taker!

So you’re ready to accelerate your success, right? Good. I’m totally here for that – and for you.

Working with me 1:1 for a week is about getting crystal clear on your next steps and taking you out of the comfort zone you’re currently in which is allowing you to play it safe.

This is the only space you get to work with me at the 1:1 level right now and I’m not sure how long this option will be available for. (No, not a gimmick or scare tactic. Truth. I literally don’t know.)


So why might an ACCELERATE week be a good fit for you right now?

  • You’re getting overwhelmed with #ALLTHETHINGS and need some streamlined focus to get you back on the track which is specific to YOU.

  • You’ve got a launch coming up and want to chat through your master plan with me. I’ll give you info and insight which will lead to a strategy for success.

  • You’re falling into a mindset trap of continually believing lies over truth which is causing you to play the victim or stay stuck - you want sustainable momentum and you wanted it yesterday.

  • You want some more individualised attention on YOUR business away from the group for a week so that you can zone in on your message and mission with laser focused attention.

In all honesty, I’ve helped my clients see breakthrough in 30 minutes. Imagine what we can do in a week!


Here’s how it works…

1.       You click the button below and make your payment. (If the button is there and clickable, it means I have spots available, if it's not, check back again soon.)

2.       Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive a questionnaire via email instantly + instructions on where to add me on Voxer - in the meantime, be sure to download/access Voxer (like FB messenger but way better) which is where I’ll be coaching you during our week together via voice notes, journal prompts, links to my trainings I think will help you, and so much more.

3.       You’ll say hey (or drop me a GIF – personal fave) via Voxer to let me know you’re there and also drop your questionnaire answers into Voxer at which point, our seven days together begin!

4. You start seeing the results you've been waiting for!

Ready to make this happen? Click the button below and let's get to work.


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