Self-Study Success Suite

A self-study business resource for faith-FOCUSED female entrepreneurs who want success on their own terms and in their own time


You've seen the business success stories and to be honest, you know it's possible for you too. You've got the gifts, skills and talents to change the world. It's the way you were created.

You've got a business. Or maybe just a business idea. But you're not seeing the results your hard work deserves right now and you're tired of freebie hunting to find the answers you're looking for.


I'm here to help.

When I finally moved from hobby status blogger to business owner, it only took my eight short months to match and then surpass my 9-5 income and move into running my business full time.

Since then, I've supported many amazing ladies both 1:1 and in my group coaching program to recognise what's possible for them and they've seen incredible results too.

resultS LIKE:

  • Making a return on their investment (and more!) in less than 6 weeks.

  • Confidence in launching their first or next product/service/course. 

  • Creating their first website from scratch.

  • Doubling the size of their email lists.

  • 30% growth of their Facebook groups.

I believe that 1:1 coaching is powerful.

But I get that it's not always possible.

Which is why I wanted to open up a budget-friendly option for the amazing purpose-driven women who want to build and scale their businesses fast.


The Self-Study Success Suite

This powerful resource contains video and audio training, downloadable guide books, presentation slides, cheat sheets and more - most of which I've previously only shared with private 1:1 clients of member's of my group program.

You now get access to all of this on your own personalised membership site (which I'll be updating regularly!) So that you're not trawling through hundreds of emails trying to find out what you're supposed to implement next in your business.

You get to take things completely at your pace.

You get to choose where to start and what to do next.


The Self-Study Success Suite Includes...

#1. Mindset and Confidence - Fix your mind on Christ as you seek to build a Kingdom Business and work from the confidence you have in Him to present yourself to the world like the PRO business owner you truly are.

- My mindset mini-course 'Life to Full' complete with workbook, audio training, masterclass and challenge sheets.

- My devotional E-books 'Feast' & 'Multivitamins' (as heard on Premier Radio) to enhance your spiritual walk as you build your business.



#2. Grassroots & Groundwork - The essential who, what and why elements of your business to give you a head start on your journey to success.

- Market Research and Business Analysis Slide Presentation with bonus 'Facebook Flow' video so that you can analyse exactly where you're at as a business owner and implement exactly what you need to do next to have the most impact and generate income fast. (Previously only available to my group program members!)

- Pitch Perfect 50 minute video training - Present yourself like a pro in the online space so that whether you've been in business 10 years or 10 days, you're positioning yourself as the expert in front of your ideal clients every single time.



#3. Messaging - How to talk about what you're sharing with the world so that people hear your heart and your message before they hear 'buy now'.

- 'Write Right' 50 minute video training with downloadable workbook diving into how and what to write in the online space so that when you share your message and your work, people are willing to pay for it - it's all in your words.

- Blogging guidebooks to take you through how to write your first or next blog post and how you can use blogging as a powerful tool to build your purpose-driven business and get your God-given message out to more of your ideal clients.

- The Anatomy of Storytelling for Business - In this 30 minute training video, previously only available to my group coaching members, guest expert (and my husband!) James Aidoo (Community Minister and multi award winning speaker and school & start up consultant), takes you through how to use story for business so that your clients can't wait to get newsletters from you and you don't get bored of sending out the same information time and time again.



#4. Marketing and Mobilisation - Set up Facebook ads and a sales funnel seamlessly so that your business runs on automate whilst you get on with doing the work which truly lights you up.

- Facebook Ads 101 - In the 40 minute video training, I share my screen with you and give you the complete inside scoop on Facebook Ads from start to finish so that you can build your business on automate while you're enjoying your life!

Sales Funnel and Opt-In Guide Book - In this downloadable guide, you will get the step by step on how to create or up-level your sales funnel plus example from my own sales funnel so that you can start nurturing the amazing ideal clients who have just 'opted-in' to your Facebook Ad.


Links to my Mailchimp and Activecampaign set up tutorials inside the guide so that you can create your sales funnels and get your business moving!



Sweet Suite Bonuses

Goodbye overwhelm and not knowing where to start. See ya later doing #allthethings… badly.  Ciao confusion-nation. That’s confused procrastination.

Time to get set up for success with my scheduling tool bonuses so that you know what to do each day and you're not stuck completing meaningless tasks.

- Sheerah Success Scheduler - An interactive calendar tool which will enable you to set (and smash) your business goals each week.

- Schedule for Success - 50 minute video training with implementable tips to get you working smarter, not harder.




£249 ($325)