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Finally, a safe space for the Christian female Leader and Entrepreneur to dream and do BIG when it comes to your life and business.

No more playing it small and downplaying what you’ve been created for.

No more settling for second best or mediocre.

And no more hiding your light.

It’s time to be LIBERATED!

  • You’re a Christian female leader or entrepreneur with some BIG goals for your life and your business.

  • You get that mindset and personal development are key. But you’re tired of business-building programs and systems which favour new-age spirituality in place of the Biblical truth you’re building your business on.

  • You understand that if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got - and you’re ready to step into the next level of your business growth and do things differently.

and now that you know who I’m talking to Let’s get something straight from the off…

You are enough.

Except, those three simple little words have become the coaching industry’s favourites, haven’t they? And you’re starting to wonder…

You’re continually told that the quickest way for you to see business success is for you to be ‘the best version of yourself’.

Yet, you can’t help but have that sinking feeling that perhaps your best simply isn’t good enough.

And so you keep up with whoever seems to be showing up most on social media right now, you start comparing yourself to someone with a following twice your size (not to mention with plenty more years in the game.)

Your message starts sounding ‘off’ – it’s someone. It might even work. But it’s definitely not YOU.

The thing you’re missing is…

The fact that you’re still being taught systems and strategies which simply don’t make room for YOUR best self to be what we see.

It’s like asking a fish to climb a tree.

As gifted as that fish truly is at being them, it certainly wasn’t created to be climbing any trees.

  • What if there was a tried and tested method which, when worked through, allowed you to recognise that YOUR leadership style, YOUR voice, and YOUR message is exactly what someone is waiting to hear?

  • What if you finally began to feel as though the faith-foundation you’re building your business on was strong and robust, even when going through some of your most testing times when you wonder if this is really what you’ve been called to?

  • What if, when you had business-building questions or faith-based ‘bug bears’ you wanted to chat through, you had a community of sisters just the click of a button away, alongside a certified business coach who’s been in the ‘trenches’ of both building an online business AND serving in demanding church ministry settings?

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This isn’t just a possibility or a pipe dream any longer. It’s a reality.

Welcome to Liberated

Finally, your business-based prayers have been answered and everything you’ve been asking for is right here under one mastermind roof!

biblical base

No more wondering if your mindset work is about to revolve around things like ‘universe’ and ‘source’. Instead, get instant access to a hub of Biblical reflections focused on leadership, influence and freedom so that you’re allowing yourself to see just how powerful your faith-focused foundation truly is in all areas of your life, including your business and leadership.

Supportive sisterhood

Not only will I be with you every single step of this business-building journey, but so will a committed core of like-minded women all at various stages of business and life so that you’ll be hearing and learning from a variety of experiences which will add to your own. Although they’ll be variety, you’ll be united by the fact that you’re all ready for your next level.

1:1 Business coaching and Q & A hot seat calls

There’s no doubt that this journey will have you scaling in a variety of different ways in your business. Not sure what to put in your funnel? Unsure about how to attract your ideal clients so that you can fill out your programs fast? Drop me message personally and I’ll get back to you. You have daily access to me during your time in Liberated. Also, every month, we’ll hop on a group coaching call together and I’ll answer everyone’s questions and queries individually there as well. This is also where you’ll learn from others too!

Tried and tested curriculum

You might have read ‘5 Voices’ and found yourself wondering what this is and how it applies to you. Well, this system (which I’ll break down in a sec) is all about you knowing yourself better in order to lead yourself better. These high-level workshops have been taught to companies like Chick-Fil-A and Ford, and now YOUR business will be getting that same inside information. Get ready for transformation!


So, what is the ‘5 Voices’?!

You’ve done the Enneagram and MBTI type tests, right? This work truly takes that style of thinking to the next level.

Created by global organisation GiANT Worldwide*, the 5 Voices system is all about you truly leveraging the power of YOUR leadership by understanding your personal leadership style in a much deeper way than you’ve ever experienced before.

When you know yourself better, you lead yourself better. When you lead yourself better, your ability to lead others totally transforms.

When I first went through this work myself alongside the staff team of my church, I was astounded. The accuracy with which I began to understand  myself totally transformed how I began to view my life and my business.

Understanding my predominant leadership style gave me permission to truly be all of me without holding back for fears of being too much for some and not enough for others.

5vs cert.png

After going through this process as a client, I was given the opportunity to get certified in delivering this work myself.

To be honest, anyone who’s accessed it before will know how much of a GAME CHANGER this system is going to be for online business.

Ready to be one of the founders in the online space following in the footsteps of global organisations who have already gone through this work? Trust me when I say that this curriculum is set to take your leadership to the next level and beyond.

Let’s dig a little deeper… Which leadership voice are YOU?

Discover below!

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jen testimonial.jpg

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Your Mastermind at a glance + VALUE…

  • Daily 1:1 access to me, your Business Coach via Voxer Monday - Friday so that none of your questions ever go unanswered and you can get implementing right away. ($850 value per month)

  • A supportive sisterhood of fellow masterminders. You’re all in this together - building and scaling your business and no longer settling for mediocre or freebie hunting. This means you won’t just have my support, but also a high-level community at your fingertips! ($3000 value)

  • The 5 voices complete curriculum designed to deep-dive into this powerful system so that you no longer feel like you’re winging it, but instead are truly offering something powerful to the world with YOUR unique leadership gifts and style. ($10000 value - RRP from GiANT Worldwide)

  • Q & A group coaching call every month for any and ALL of your questions about either the Biblical teaching, the 5-voices workshop or ANYTHING you need support within your business so that you face each new quarter with courage, confidence and capability, and you know what you’ll need to take your business to the next level each time, whilst getting valuable feedback from the other members too. ($4000 value)

  • Biblical teaching hub of trainings based on leadership, influence and freedom so that you’re ensuring your foundations are solid and your priorities are in order whenever you feel yourself veering off course. (Priceless!)

The VALUE of this mastermind is at least $17000! 😲

But the amazing news is that your investment is only a fraction of that…



Investment & Application

£597/$785 per month

(3-month commitment)

But who am I?

meet your coach new.jpg


And where would we be without BONUSES?

As action packed as the program already is, I couldn’t help but add in some extras to support you even further. Check these out!



#1. Q & A Group calls with guest experts, including Steve Cockram - Co-Founder of GiANT Worldwide & Co-Creator of 5 Voices


As well as a few other guest experts who will join our calls from time to time, the co-founder of the work we’ll be going through has agreed to jump onto one of our Q & A calls! Get ready to ask him anything.

Steve Cockram is an international speaker, author, and consultant to top-level executives and leaders around the world. He is a subject matter expert on personality and wiring, organizational leadership, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal communication. Steve is the co-founder of GiANT Worldwide, a global leadership consultancy. He is also co-author of the books 5 Gears and 5 Voices published by Wiley.



#2. Save $3000 if you choose to get certified!

5 voices certified badge.png

After speaking with the guys at GiANT Worldwide, I’m delighted to no introduce a BRAND NEW bonus which means that, if you go through Liberated and love the content just as much as I do, you can save a HUGE $3000 if you decide to get certified yourself in order to support YOUR clients and customers even better!

To be certified in facilitating the 5 Voices workshops is currently $7000. GiANT Worldwide have agreed that anyone who goes through Liberated and wants to get certified can do so for just $4000! Which means that if you chose to go through Liberated to get familiar with the sytem and to understand YOURSELF and your business leadership better, and you then chose to go on and certified, it would STILL cost you less than if you went straight for the certification. And I personally think that experiencing it first for yourself before teaching it is a GAMECHANGER.

Investment & Application

£597/$785 per month

(3-month commitment)

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Got Questions? I’ve got answers… Check out the FAQ’s below

Some more FAQ’s…

1. My faith is kinda shaky right now. Will I still be able to access the Biblical teaching shared?

I totally believe that the Word of God is living and active. (Hebrews 4:12) which means that it will speak to you in ways you least expect it to so long as you are WILLING to listen for what God might be trying to say through it. I honestly feel that willingness is all you need when it comes to being able to access the Biblical input I’ll be sharing within Liberated. This is not a space to judge and compare spiritual depth. It’s a place to be open to God’s leading whilst acknowledging the fact He speaks to us all.

2. I’ve never heard of ‘5 Voices’ before. Is this actually going to be a helpful curriculum for me?

The 5 Voices system has been running for years. However, a lot of their work up until recently has been done with ‘brick and mortar’ companies like the ones I’ve mentioned above. However, they’ve now branched into the online space in a big way and you’ll soon be hearing about them way more. All of that aside though, this system is formed from Jungian (think Myers-Briggs) type work which is much more familiar in our online space, of course. The 5 Voices system has been created to make this powerful work even more accessible for leaders.

3. I’ve got the kids, the dog, the husband, the full-time job, the church commitments and everything else in between. How much time does this program really need?

Oh, I GET this one. Which is why I really don’t want Liberated to feel like another task on your to-do list. Think of it like a burst of goodness within your week to refresh and rejuvenate you. Think of it as time for YOU. That said, I know you don’t have a great deal of ‘you time’ which is why you get to go through the curriculum at your own pace. Of course, if you want to go deeper and spend more time, you’re totally welcome to with your daily coaching as well as the sisterhood and your monthly calls.



Step 1: Fill out the form by clicking on the “Apply Now” button.

Step 2: Answer the questions and then hop into messenger to let Naomi know you’ve submitted your application.

Step 3: You and me will find a time to talk via Facebook messenger (voice notes and/or typing!) so that we can decide if the Liberated Mastermind is the right fit for you.

Investment & Application

£597/$785 per month

(3-month commitment)


The world is waiting for your work!

* Click HERE to learn more about 5 voices, and HERE to learn more about GiANT Worldwide.

5 voices certified badge.png

Still got questions or queries about Liberated? Send them my way below.

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