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After a year of what can only be described as epic fails in my devotional life, I am really hoping that this year is going to be one of consistency. Sometimes you need more than hope. You need to find tools and support. So I was really excited to find out that Naomi has come up with a series of devotionals. Check it out when you get a chance.
— 'Curly Proverbz', Youtuber

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Feast - food for thought and lessons for life

Feast is an in-depth 30-lesson devotional Bible study which explores the lives of thirty ordinary men and women of whom we read about in the Bible. Feast unpacks their lives and applies the lessons learned from them to yours.

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Multivitamins - volume one

Multivitamins is a collection of Biblical reflections designed to help you start your day right. Each devotion contains at least one Bible verse for you to ponder as well as an action step for you to live out.

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