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Let’s bring the tools and truth together to build and scale your business…

Are YOU ready for results in your business which don't mean compromising who you are to get them?

Results like...

  • CONSISTENT income in your business and no more 'feast to famine' cycles.

  • OVERCOMING overwhelm and burn-out and creating a business which supports your life. (Instead of the other way around!)

  • Selling your products and services with EASE instead of running away from the sales process.

  • Getting to the HEART of your truth and your real message rather than continually scratching the surface.

  • Allowing yourself to be VISIBLE and vulnerable in the online space with zero fear of judgement.

  • Up-leveling your mindset to a place where it consistently disregards doubt and fear & instead, perseveres in POWER.

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You don’t have to keep second guessing yourself.

You don’t have to continually ask yourself whether or not business is actually for you as a committed Christian woman.

You don’t even have to question what’s going to happen when you post your next message asking for the sale (whilst cringing inside).

All of it is okay. All of it is safe.

Except… when you’ve heard statements like that before, it’s kind of sounded like ‘prosperity preaching’, right?

And you’re SO not here for that kind of thing.

In fact, you’re SO tired and confused about the mixed messages cropping up in the online space every 5 minutes - The ones that sound nothing like the Biblical foundation you’re trying to build your life and business on.

But your church aren’t speaking about business, money and work/life balance either.

So you’re stuck.

You’re contemplating working with people who use ‘God’ and ‘universe’ interchangeably because at least that’s ‘something kind of spiritual’…

But hold on…

Since when were you one to settle?

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Since when did you decide that the God of immeasurably more was content to give you ‘just about okay’?

Well… you know that not to be true in theory, I suppose. But when your options look like avoiding talking about money and success altogether OR saying yes to prosperity preaching, you’re more tempted than you’d like to admit to go with the latter because you DO want to talk about these things and wish you could do so openly among a group of like-minded women, without feeling judged or guilty for doing so, right?…

  • Just IMAGINE you feeling 100% rooted in sharing your purpose-driven work in FULL confidence that there is ZERO sleaze when it comes to faith and business mixing.

  • IMAGINE having a supportive group of sisters totally cheering you on, who TRULY get you, pray for you and celebrate your success with you.

  • IMAGINE feeling TOTALLY FREE, having zero guilt around charging for your products and services.

  • And IMAGINE recognising that your business isn’t just a ‘nice idea’ but actually, an integral part of your God-given MISSION here on earth.

You don't need to simply imagine any longer… 

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Welcome to Biblical Business Academy


That doesn't mean that Biblical Business Academy is simply a place for Bible study...

In here, we mean BUSINESS, and we work God's way in ALL areas of our life.


I consistently fuse together Biblical principles AND practical strategies

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Within Biblical business academy, as opposed to zoning in on one particular area of business, we focus on six ‘S’s’ for success, each of which you’ll see outlined below.

…And before you say “I need them ALL!” don’t worry, you get them all, and you get to go through them in a way which works for YOU and YOUR business by journeying through my Success Path video (in the Member’s Lounge) which will give you clarity regarding where to start! No one is here for overwhelm.

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Biblical Business Academy is a hybrid hub of business building courses and programs at your finger-tips, alongside live support, accountability & community.

For less than you spend on Starbucks in a month you’re getting access to my ‘6 S’ fool-proof model to building and scaling a Biblical business put together in an easy to follow success path whether you’re a brand new business owner, or have been in business for a while now.

  • Scripture

  • Success Mindset

  • Sales

  • Systems

  • Strategy

  • Sisterhood

Here’s how we do it…

  1. Courses

Each of our S’s is supported by its own course which you’ll already find in the member’s hub as soon as you join.

Scripture is covered with my course ‘Rooted’ – a 6-step framework to building and scaling a biblical business.

Success Mindset is covered with my 21-day course ‘Awaken’ – 21 days to address the calling on your life so that you address who and Whose you are fully PLUS my mission, mindset & messaging program ‘Leading Lady’.

Sales is covered with my 4-part course ‘Sales Success’ – share your services and make consistent sales without the struggle.

Systems is taken care of with ‘CEO School’ – A 4-week immersion in understanding and stepping into what being a CEO of your business is really going to take.

And last but not least, Strategy is gone through in depth all the way from market research – to building your website with my 9-module program ‘Clarity Class’ – Your fast-track ticket to a bespoke business blueprint.

If you bought these courses individually, you’d be investing £1150/$1542. To be honest, it’d be worth every penny and more, especially since these areas will continually be added to as the Academy grows.

The truth is, your BBA investment is looking like about 3% of that investment price per month…!

2. Live Support

Here’s the thing… business shifts and changes all the time, and so does our attitude towards it! Which is why, alongside these incredible courses, BBA also provides you with up-to-date and exclusive monthly content in the form of…

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A Monthly success pack

At the top of every month, uploaded into the members lounge, you’ll receive access to a bundle of NEW business and bible based content in the form of my digital success pack. Here’s what your pack contains each month…

  • A business or mindset audio or video training focused on one of BBA’s S’s. You’re always welcome to request topics for these trainings.

  • A Biblical study/reflection designed to incorporate both faith & business to keep you grounded and going for it each month. This is delivered in written or audio format.

  • A book of the month recommendation so that you can take your business building even further and we can discuss takeaways and ah-ha’s in the group. 

  • An exclusive phone wallpaper displaying a fear finishing affirmation rooted in scripture so that you can daily be reminded of who and Whose you are.

3. Accountability, Connection and Community

Now, I’m not simply about providing you (incredible) content and then leaving you to it. I want you to be able to ask me questions and to share with like-minded women as your business grows. We’re in this together, which is why you also receive…

  • A monthly LIVE Q & A group coaching livestream directly into the private Facebook group with Naomi where you can ask your questions and receive hot-seat coaching directly.

  • 24/7 Access to a private Facebook community within which, I’ll be sharing weekly prompts where you can: Share your monthly goals, drop in your prayer requests, celebrate your wins & lastly, share takeaways from that month’s book, as well as asking questions and getting personalised feedback from me every week.

  • An opportunity to request an accountability partner within the member’s lounge. If you’d like someone to journey with you a little more closely, I’ll set you up with another member of the group as soon as a match becomes available.

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Jen says…

Naomi and Biblical Business Academy has been a blessing and a Godsend! I love being surrounded by godly women who are all striving to do the same thing…build our businesses. The group calls are informative and uplifting. I have NEVER been in a business group that puts God first. The support and reminder of whose I am has been the game changer in my business that I needed.

Since I started working with Naomi, I have shown up consistently on social media, including weekly Facebook lives, am more present in my growing community and have launched a challenge and several new programs. I am a different person as a result of joining Biblical Business Academy.


Did somebody say ‘total no brainer?’ Because they’d be right…

And all this for just £35/$47 per month!

(No commitment period - cancel hassle free when you like)

OR join as a V.I.P and receive 1:1 coaching from Naomi directly each week!

£249/$325 per month

(Only 2 spots currently available - 3 month minimum commitment required for VIP track. Watch the video below for more information)


You should know this about me...

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I'm not about cookie cutter strategies and I never have been. Now you might feel as though EVERYONE says the same thing these days, but for me this is statement which runs DEEP.

7 years as a High School teacher taught me that no one student learns in the same way or should be taught in the same way.

Which means that for me, the same goes for business.

I'm about supporting YOU in getting to where YOU need to be in your business while you enjoy doing things YOUR way.

Because truth be told, it's the only way it's going to work. It's the only way it works for any of my clients and program members.

Ready for income and impact?

Step right this way...

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Biblical Business Academy Includes…

• Access to the monthly success pack.

• A monthly Q & A group coaching call.

• 24/7 access to a private community inclusive of weekly prompts & feedback from Naomi directly.

• Instant access to a hub of courses to support the ‘5 s’s’.

• An opportunity to request an accountability partner.

PLUS 1:1 weekly coaching with Naomi if you choose to go VIP!

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Jenny-Lyn says…

"Biblical Business Academy provides not only the God-centred environment needed to thrive as a Christian entrepreneur but also the very practical training needed to actually succeed. Since joining Biblical Business Academy, my online visibility and following have increased as a result of implementing the tools and strategies Naomi has shared for being diligent and consistent. In particular, by following Naomi's Facebook Ad training step by step, I was able to run my first thorough Ad campaign with a 53% lead generation conversion rate and a cost per result of $1.36! I was even able to overcome some hidden self-sabotage concerning a program I ran earlier to not only re-launching it but actually selling it at a higher price point! Biblical Business Academy has been such a blessing and one of the best decisions for me.


But who am I?

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Your Monthly Membership Consists of …

• Access to the monthly success pack.

• A monthly Q & A group coaching call.

• 24/7 access to a private community inclusive of weekly prompts & feedback from Naomi directly.

• Instant access to a hub of courses to support the ‘5 s’s’.

• An opportunity to request an accountability partner.

PLUS 1:1 weekly coaching with Naomi if you choose to go VIP!


Pay as you go for just £35/$47 per month

Or go VIP and get weekly 1:1 coaching to fast track your success for just £249/$325 per month

(Only 2 VIP spots currently available)

Here’s the VIP track info video again to explain what you get…


The World Is Waiting For Your Work.

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