Ever asked yourself “How did I get here?”

Me too. Let me explain…

It was the summer of 2008 and I was about to make a choice which would effect the course of the rest of my life. I’d just spent the past 12 months on a gap year with my church after spending the 3 years prior to that at university. That gap year was pivotal – a finding myself of sorts, and most definitely a finding of God. After years of calling myself a Christian, I was 21 and finally felt as though I understood what that meant for the first time.


Anyway, the decision.

All I knew is that I loved working with young people. However, now it was time to decide whether I was going to work for a church (not the one I was going to) as their youth worker, or whether I’d train to qualify as a High School Teacher.  I chose the latter.

The seven years that followed were some of the best and worst of my life. I’d always thought I wanted to be a teacher, and to be honest, there were aspects of it which I really loved. But more days than I’d like to admit, I found myself left with a feeling I couldn’t shake. I wonder if you’ve ever been there? Left with a taste of dissatisfaction partnered with an inkling that where you are isn’t where you’ll always be. For me, this led me to starting a blog in 2011 – a creative outlet for me to share on matters of life and faith. At the time? Totally just a hobby type of thing. The reality? The first step into what was to be over 5 years later. But more on that in a minute. Back to the job…

Whilst colleagues were climbing the career ladder, I was wondering whether any attempt to ascend this particular path was actually what I wanted. Before I had the chance to ponder for too long though, God made the decision for me.


After a 7-year career in teaching, I was made redundant (that’s ‘laid off’ to you guys across the pond) and in hindsight, it was one of the best things which ever happened to me (God’s good like that.)

My new job was going to be IT. Or so I thought, anyway. It was 2015 and my husband and I had been asked to join a church staff team. He as Community Pastor and me as Intern Director. Leading a group of young people in identifying and exploring their gifts, skills and talents whilst teaching them the Bible seemed like a literal DREAM JOB. I was sure that this was IT. God on the other hand? Not as sure. We prayed and worked for over a year to see this program I was supposed to be leading truly take off. We (the church) were SO sure it was right. But after a pilot year with some local young people, things just didn’t quite take off in the way we’d hoped they would.

So wait… laid off from a career as a High School Teacher and apparently not meant for a traditional church ministry role either? What was I supposed to be doing then?! (I asked God this on a number of occasions.)

Remember that blog? Well, 2016 is when that little hobby status blog truly found its feet and came into its own.


When I transitioned my work from classroom teaching to teaching in the church, I went from a full time role to a part time one – something which I’d never experienced in all of my working life. And so with all of this extra time I’d suddenly accrued, I turned my sporadically added to, ‘never enough time’ blog into a consistent craft. This quickly led to the beginnings of an email list, and soon, I was being asked to share my words and my story on the UK’s leading Christian radio station. Beyond all of this though, God suddenly laid it on my heart to create a course for Christian women. Although I was familiar with creating curriculum and teaching it, I’d never considered that I’d be doing work like this for a living. I mean, if I could write the dream out? That would have been it. So much so, in fact, that I never gave it much thought at all. Thankfully, God was giving it a lot more thought than I was apparently and so this seed of an idea for a course turned into me launching an 8-week online journey at the tail end of 2016 with over 30 incredible women –a few of them known to me, most of them not. And from there, my business was truly born.

With some women on the course asking if I did one to one coaching and others telling me about their dreams to run programs and courses of their own, God gently nudged me into the next phase of my entrepreneurial journey. I began taking on one to one coaching clients and successfully launched numerous other programs and courses on both faith and business building topics. By June 2017, I was fully self-employed and was, for the first time ever, doing exactly what I’d been called to do – teaching, equipping and mobilising people to live their God-given lives to the full, using the gifts skills and talents they’ve been given to make a difference in the world.

In 2018, after receiving consistent coaching myself in areas pertaining to business strategy and mindset, I decided to take my training up a level and went through an accredited coaching program in helping others discover their leadership voice and style with global organisation GiANT Worldwide, whose clients include Chick-Fil-A, Ford and UK & US Government officials to name a few.

2018 wasn’t only pivotal for my business though, but also for my entire life as I found out I was pregnant with my son! Whilst pregnant, I continued coaching clients in a variety of capacities and was also invited to be a contributing author in a book of devotional reflections which was published by leading Christian publisher SPCK in March 2019.

2019 proved to be pretty busy on a personal level too as Micah James Aidoo was born in June!


Taking a couple of months to step back from my business after having my son gave me a really fresh perspective on what I want it to look like. I’m committed to empowering, equipping and mobilising today’s faith-focused leaders, creatives and entrepreneurial minded women to truly walk out the calling on their lives with boldness and courage. I want you to understand the worth of your work and the validity of your dreams. You don’t have to be made redundant, or left with no other option like I was before you get to work on the work you know you’re made for. I only wish someone would have told me that sooner. Which is why now, my life’s work is to ensure that I’m telling as many people as I can.

The world is waiting for your work.

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