Your Free online class deets are on their way your inbox!

But if you're anything like me and waiting = eye roll, read on...

You signed up for my free class because:

a) You're interested in building a successful online business without compromising on your faith or time with your family.

b) You've already started building a business, but if you're honest, success is S.L.O.W and you're over it.

c) To be honest, you sign up for a lot of freebies and quite frankly you're not even sure why you're here.

Even if you're 'C', I want to help you get 'unstuck'. My free class is going to give you SO MUCH good strategy based content. However, a LOT of what success looks like starts in the mind...

How would it feel to… 

  • Unlock some of the blocks you continually come up against, which are preventing you from moving your life to the next level so that you can truly start understanding what it would look like to live life on your terms? 
  • Recognise the call on your life and be equipped to begin to walk in it so that you can say ‘see ya’ to whatever’s not serving your purpose? 
  • Understand what God says about all things business, ambition and dreams so that you’re not stuck in ‘sleazy’ or ‘guilt’ mode whenever you think about it?
  • Stop making apologies for desiring to generate income for yourself and your family doing something you love so that you go out and make the impact you were created for?
  • Make time and space to mobilise your mission so that ‘one day’ becomes TODAY?  

Lovely, it’s time to

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Awaken is a 21 day program which will enable you to mobilise your heart and mind to align itself with your SOUL call.  


Awaken is a self-study program with daily action steps, which will support you in dropping the doubt, excuses and self-sabotage and instead OWNING who and whose you are so that you can start walking in it.  

For you only (you won’t see this anywhere else on my website) Awaken is being offered for less than £1 a day!  

Click below to learn more and grab yourself this limited time offer (available for 24 hours only)

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